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Use GIVIT to seek support for students or families at your school or become a
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This is a place for teachers and students who wish to give to others in need, in your local neighbourhood and throughout rural and remote Australia. We know there are school kids with big hearts who have the energy and generosity to rally together and give to those who are going without simple everyday items.

Can you help us meet any of the needs below? Please contact schools@givit.org.au if so.




Drought-affected families

Some Aussie kids who are living on the land are doing it really tough. 97% of NSW and 57% of Queensland have been drought-declared. Kids on the land need simple items to help them participate at school so that they can learn, thrive and strive.

Can you raise funds to help us buy items needed? We believe that we should buy locally in children's home towns because businesses in drought-affected areas are also finding it hard at the moment.

For more information, contact schools@givit.org.au.

Mornington Island toy drive

We have a remote community in North Australia who wish to support 1000 lovely local children. A charity has requested toys to give at their Christmas party this year. They have requested new books, new teddy bears and new shoes. Can you raise funds to purchase some of these items or do a donation drive at your school?

For more information, contact schools@givit.org.au.

Kids in care

Over 9000 children in Queensland live in foster care. Our goal is to make them feel very special this Christmas and ensure they have an extra present underneath the tree. Can you reach out to your school and classmates and ask them to buy a gift (under $15) for a baby, young child or teen?

Imagine if you gave 10 toys! That would make a big difference to 10 children who are not living with their parents this Christmas.

For more information, contact schools@givit.org.au.


What is GIVIT Schools?

GIVIT Schools offers a voice for school communities who are doing it tough and need some extra support in the form of donated items. These items might be needed for your school in general to ensure children can receive the education they deserve. On the other hand, you might need items for a particularly vulnerable student and their family who have come to the attention of school staff.

GIVIT Schools is also a place for students and teachers who want to see to the urgent larger needs of communities who are struggling. GIVIT knows that school kids have big hearts and love to help those in need. This hub offers schools an opportunity to rise up and respond to requests for significant volumes of donated items. Needs may include clothes, toys, music or sports equipment, and are primarily intended to help children who are impoverished and/or vulnerable.

What is GIVIT Schools?

If you're looking to source donated items, a school representative will need to register with GIVIT to get started. Once registered, the school representative will be able to access donations through GIVIT's charity portal.

If you want your peers or school community to help others in need, have a look at our list of current requests and contact schools@givit.org.au if there's a particular request or project you wish to take on. If a request is for a significant number of items, rest assured that there's no expectation you will donate them all; every donation makes a difference and other school communities will hopefully contribute too.

Can we get photos of our donations being received?

We really respect the anonymity of our recipients. Every child must have parental approval to share their image. We do hope, via GIVIT Schools, that we will sometimes be able to share photos of other school children with your donations. We might even be able to coordinate you delivering them as a group to a community or school beneficiary.

Can I register my school if we have needs?

Yes! It is free to register, request and receive items via GIVIT and GIVIT Schools. We might ask you for a picture for us to use when you request bulk items on the GIVIT Schools page. Register here.

How can I stay involved?

Please sign up for our newsletter and ask all your friends to as well! The GIVIT newsletter is distributed on a weekly basis and will share what's needed in your local area.